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Why Our Digital Price Tag?

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At Carty Digital Innovations our vision is to provide Retailers with the best management experience, as well as the best shopping experience for customers. All while maintaining a wonderful balance between the latest in technology and minimalist simplicity.


We are committed to keep up with the latest developments in technology without compromising the simplicity and ease require by our business customers.


In 2010, Carlos Carty was working as an Assistant Manager in a major supermarket in Miami, Florida. He saw first-hand the tremendous amount of labor and logistics involved in updating prices and promotions throughout the store. An idea, to solve this problem, was born: the Carty Digital Price Tag Display System.

In 2013, Luis Carty, who has a background in engineering, visited from Canada when the concept was introduced to him. A few ideas were discussed and they continued brainstorming and refining the design concept for another 2 years. Finally, in February 2018, the patent for the invention was official.


In 2019 Carty Digital Innovations put together a presentation at the “Better Than Free Inventors EXPO”! Our product and display won 2nd Place out of 35 invention booths! The future is bright and exciting for the Carty Digital Price Tag Display System!

Carty Digital Price Tags 2.9 inches
Carty Digital Price Tag Display System “Patented in USA and Peru ( South America) “

Next Steps…

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